Help your teenagers to become a highly effective leader, and not laggards while they are at home during this crucial phase of their development.

It is often said that teenagers are the future of tomorrow. 

“Growing up isn’t easy, but with the help of right guidance and support young adults can learn to navigate through this crucial phase and come out on the other side as a highly effective adult. If we want our growing teen at home to be highly effective, then firstly they should be empowered as young adults by reminding them that it is perfectly normal to make mistakes. If and when your teenager behaves in an intrusive  or presumptuous manner, then help them navigate the treacherous waters of adolescence. The best way to navigate them is, through literary and personal experiences, hopefully teenagers can learn to take complete control of themselves and be responsible for their behaviour. This will ultimately help them discover the effective adult waiting underneath the surface. As a parent or guardian you need to take necessary steps to equip your children with the right tools to ensure that they can play an active role in shaping the future of our planet rather than just being followers.  

 Teenage years have been associated with experimental years and being a teenager is one of the greatest moments in someone’s life. Even during the later stages of life, many people still look back at their adolescent years with fond memories; their memories may not be vivid, but those memory fragments do bring smiles on their faces. Hence, it is the time when you acknowledge the fact that ‘it is okay if our growing teens make mistakes, for they have a future ahead of them to rectify those mistakes’. 

Sometimes, the future looks bleak for teenagers. What hinders teenagers is negative thinking. They always have an excuse for not doing something, citing past bad experiences or what happened to someone else. Teenagers must face tomorrow with a positive frame of mind and we are responsible to help our growing teenagers to be the future and be prepared to fight and head towards success. At this point of time it is important that our youth look within themselves and decide where they want to be in life. Things don’t just happen; one has to work hard, and the hard work should start as early as possible. And to begin the journey, what could be better than this quarantine period? 

As people face the uncertainty of the future, the most important thing is to focus on today and what one can see. A person must be determined to go all the way, even if it means cutting through the desert. Perseverance is the key to success. It conquers obstacles, sometimes, without fighting them. 

So help your teenager at home to be ready and prepared to take whatever life throws at them. Empower them with motivating words like, ‘if life throws bricks and concrete blocks at you, build a wall or bridge. If it throws plants, flowers, and trees; then make a beautiful garden. Never give up. Keep on pushing. Keep on knocking on the doors. Keep on climbing the mountains. Keep on dreaming. One day, you will live the dream.’ When such statements are quoted repeatedly, it reinforces a positive attitude in a teenager which results in building their confidence and self-esteem. This way you are enlightening the leader in your growing teen and developing their leadership skills too. 

Leadership is an important skill for the students in middle and high school to acquire. While they continue to hone their leadership style and skills not just through their teenage years, but even during the later stages of their careers, students can benefit from gaining an early understanding of what makes a great leader and what holds someone back from becoming a respected leader.

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