Chill & Champ 2021 : Mother Of Garima, Pranav and Mahesh-

I  can see the difference in my kids after the camp. They have improved so much in communication and their confidence is at the next level. I am a proud mother of proud kids.

Chill & Champ2021: Parent Of Adviy-

My child has benefitted a lot from this camp .I can see he has become a very responsible child.He has also improved so much academically. Thanks To Eduscan Team.

Aadhya Vetrivel Pandian’s patent – Winter Camp 2020

Aadhya’s been attending the leadership program at Eduscan and we are really happy that they have such a good program for the kids to learn leadership skills at the young age. In this current competitive world, we live in, we actually have to start preparing our kids now to be world leaders. There are lot of courses for coding at a younger age, like wise we have to stat leadership also at a younger age. My daughter has been trained by Dr. Alka’s team last 3 weeks. She has been taught really well. She has picked up a lot of stuff from there. They way she basifies at home proves that she has picked up leadership skills. The course was exciting, interesting. She always keeps talking about the course a lot when she comes home. We are very happy that they have such a good course.
Thank you so much
Dr. Alka, Ms. Benita and the team.
All the best

Mehuls Vijay’s parent – Winter Camp 2020

Hi all.
My son was very shy before going to Eduscan program. Now he feels very confident.
Thank you

Hrishikesh Prem – Winter Camp 2020

Hello everyone.
My name is Hrishikesh and I am a student of Eduscan Winter Camp 2020. I want to thank all my teachers for helping me improve my skills through the winter camp. It was really tough for me to speak in front of many people but the teachers helped me overcome my stage fear.
At the same time I was really bored to do Art & craft activity but the teachers made it look really interesting and now I really like to do Art & Craft activities. In addition to that I also got some tips to improve my memory which has helped me a lot in my studies. And also I learnt how to do everything mindfully.

Asma Banu’s parent – Winter Camp 2020

Good morning,
I am Jaffer Ali the father of Asma Banu. The Eduscan Leadership training program was really a good one. My daughter enjoyed a lot. Actually I was looking for a good public speaking institute where my daughter can improve her public speaking. And this was the best institute.

Deethiya Ramkumar’s parent – Winter camp 2020

Hi, my daughter Deethiya attended the Express to impress course (3 weeks) in Eduscan Winter Camp. We opted for the course hoping that her verbal and speaking skills will be improved. Although we did not see substantial improvement in her vocabulary and speaking skills, we saw some tangible improvement. More than the improvement, I would like to say she is very interested to attend the class which is more important I feel.
So thank you Eduscan for giving my daughter this beautiful opportunity.

Girik Kaura’s Parent – Winter Camp 2020

I am Neha, Girik’s mom. And Girik who is 5.5 years old recently completed his 3 weeks of online Eduscan’s Winter Camp which he really enjoyed. He got to learn so many different things for the first time which was recently included in the curriculum, like 7 Habits of happy kids which is really a great way to inculcate the 7 habits in the kids so that they can start learning to be a leader at a very young age. And the curriculum was also enhanced by adding many activities like online puzzles like Rush hour, Tangram puzzles and so many other Brain twisters, different techniques of memory and concentration. So this camp has really been useful to him specially since he is grown up. The first camp he attended was when he was just 4, now he is near to 6 years and I think this time it really added to his personality. He also enjoyed the session of Ms. Nita and Ms. Azra who conducted wonderful session on Art & Craft and Public Speaking and many different kinds of tongue twisters.
I would really recommend to all the parents and my friend circle the Eduscan Camps which really are different from the regular camps. The kids really have fun while learning.
Thank you so much

Tashvi & Tvisha Devadiga’s parent – Winter Camp 2020

Good evening everybody.
This is Somya, mother of Tvisha and Tashvi. I took the best decision of registering my daughters in Eduscan Winter Camp. As a person I am an introvert, but both my daughters are extroverts. So this camp has all the areas like public speaking, leadership, memory, Art & Craft to explore, so daughters thoroughly enjoyed this Winter camp and they are already a leader I must say. I thank Eduscan for this beautiful journey for my daughters.
Thank you one and all.

Shanaya Patne’s parent – Summer Camp 2020

I have seen a massive improvement in her concentration, memory, English language and personality. I think overall Eduscan has played a huge role in not only teaching her new things but also instilling that confidence and ability to talk in a group setting or having to put across her point of view.
I am very happy with the way Eduscan has conducted the summer camp virtually. They have done an amazing job and even Shanaya has enjoyed a lot.

Atharva Singh’s parent – Summer camp 2020

I am pretty happy with the way the program is conducted. The sessions are engaging children through different activities that are very important but do not find the time to engage due to the busy academic schedules and other activities.
It is very nice to see them learning and concentrating on good topic. I see Atharva’s memory improving, and he is learning to be calm with the mindfulness sessions. I am happy to enrolled Atharva in the Eduscan program

Aarav Pandey’s parent – Summer camp 2020

I enrolled my son for the Eduscan Leadership training. He has shown a lot of improvement in Public speaking skills and also learnt so many life skills like packing his bags, arranging his books which has made him so independent. I see improvement in his self-confidence. When I ask him if he needs my help then he can tell me. But he replies “No mama, I can do by myself”.
All the credit goes to Eduscan and its teachers.

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Brain Mapping Level 1 course Parents Of Vibhuti Patil :

Our child has become very confident and opened it. Also her reading skills have improved and so has her interest in reading.Thanks To Team Eduscan

Aizah Rahib’s parent – Public Speaking 2020

I am very pleased to share that the online classes of 3 weeks that Eduscan conducted was successful because I can see when my daughter used to come from the class she was so excited. An overall feedback will be that it was learning with fun. I believe it is a happy learning when it is interactive, with games, brainstorming activities and lot of discussions which enables the children to express themselves and their ideas and that’s when they learn well.
Thank you so much for your guidance and cooperation.