Education is not a PRIVILEGE but A RIGHT.

    Eduscan strives to meet the needs of our entire community including the determined children and their families.

    Javeria (6 years) is a child with Cerebral Palsy (CP) in Dubai who is deprived of her education due to the financial crisis her family is facing

    Jovan (11 years) an autistic student has to discontinue his studies as his family cannot support his education while struggling for survival and existence.

    We invite you to donate and help students like Jovan and Javeria to obtain their basic right to education.
    Join our Campaign ‘Sponsor a Child’ so that every child is ensured access to quality EDUCATION in order to thrive and to one day become independent within their very own society.

    As an ancient African proverb mentions 'It takes a village to RAISE a child.'
    Together let us continue to raise many such children worldwide.

    (Your donation will create a huge difference in their lives)

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