We all know that adolescent is the age of stress and storms, popularly known as “teenage”. So having a growing adolescent at home, can be challenging at times. You might have often observed that your growing teenager might suddenly display a loss of appetite or be withdrawn or may be have excessive or too little sleep. You will see that at this age, these growing adults go through a lot of mood swings. Hence, as a parent it is very important to monitor their behavior closely. We need to be really careful before making a statement such as, “Oh, come on grow up, you are no more a baby” or “Oh, please you need not do any such thing, you are just a kid.”

When we as an adult make such comments, it leaves our adolescent feel more anxious. Rather try to understand their personality and guide them. It is essential to have immense patience while you are dealing with these young adults. As grownups we if we lose our patience, then what do we expect of our teenager who is observing us, especially when they are around us at home. We need to be a role model for them.

Secondly, today’s adolescent needs to be introduced to a concept called ‘delayed gratification’. Delayed gratification, or deferred gratification, describes the process that a person undergoes when the he or she resists the temptation of an immediate reward in preference for a later reward. Without delay gratification there is no patience nor endurance. Basically, it is described as the process that the person undergoes when he/she resists the temptation of an immediate reward in preference for a later reward/result/ action.

Hence it is important to help our children practice this concept. For instance if your adolescent is being rigid at times, when he/she wants to meet a friend, or watch a movie or play a game, or go out for dinner, etc. then it’s time for you to be patient and calm down your child too. Tell him let’s talk and then I will surely agree to what you say. Then ask him/her the reasons of making things happen at that point of time and evaluate how it would make a difference if certain things are addressed at a little later.

  • At this point it is very important to be a good listener and acknowledge your adolescent’s feeling.
  • Refrain from making any sort of negative comments or something that he/she would not like.
  • Discuss what are his/her likes and dislikes and plan how can you involve in supporting their likes and encourage them to develop their knowledge skills as per their likes.
  • Spend some time sitting with your adolescent to make a daily planner. Your engagement will give them a lot of motivation to be more responsible and help them to grow up as effective teenagers.
  • Give them liberty to access social media and allow them to have their own space. But at the same tie maintain your rapport and show them that you trust them, which itself will help them to refrain themselves from indulging in any such activities that will hinder their personal growth.
  • Sit and do research on what are the various online courses available which will help them nurture their interest and prepare them better for future.
  • Help them to brainstorm how they can make the most out of this time at home, by using e-learning platform and get the best online learning support in the comfort zone of their home.
  • And lastly, do not forget to teach your adolescent that “Lifetime regrets are more painful than delayed gratification.”


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