Are you facing a challenge dealing with the children with special needs at home?

With the ‘Stay at Home’ compulsion, I am sure many parents might be going through frustration, as they have to manage kids with different level of challenges at home. Different children are impacted at a different level, it could be mild, moderate, and severe or some may even be profoundly impacted. Hence as a parent, we first need to understand the level and need of our child.

Next, it is most important to change our mindset, as we take it for granted that ‘these kids with challenges cannot manage to learn on an e-learning platform’.  In fact, being an educational psychologist I have tried and tested online learning with our lovely children and was truly happy to see how beautifully various online training programs work to support these children with challenges and help them developing their knowledge and skills.  With the present generation, I believe that e-learning is much more effective than in-class learning. So, do ensure that even these children get an exposure as any other children does.

So, the key to this is, a little bit of research on Google, to find out what sort of online learning support can be provided for the children with special needs at home. One click and you will see a menu of amazing online learning programs and online therapies too. Then, why do we refrain these lovely children from having access to what they deserve and what they need? So make the most of all the available online support like, online behavioural therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, etc.

As you manage to identify the need of your child and give him/her the experience of online learning support it will not only help him, but even help you to develop the necessary skills, as you will be a silent supporter at the back-end. Thus, ultimately it will nurture you as a parent too. And I strongly believe that no one can be a better teacher/therapist than a mother.

Thus being a passionate educational psychologist, I have assured that my team of experts and educators is well equipped and prepared to give the best possible online learning support to these lovely children. And considering the fact that these kids are at home in their comfort zone, we have given them the flexibility of time, which allows the learner to choose any of the available time slots between to from Sunday to Thursday.

Apart from this, I am sure there might be many hyperactive kids at home, who probably happen to be restless when they are not engaged in any productive activity. The best thing to calm down such a child is to give him/her enough opportunity to utilize their physical energy, in activities like trampoline jumping, skipping or bouncy ball jumps and if nothing just make him aware that he has a corner for himself, where you can lay a mattress and allow him to jump, roll and bounce until his energy is totally drained out. Then let him drink water and get back to his e-learning desk. This will even help him to have a better focus while learning. Do look up for online behavioural therapy programs too as they are really helpful and effective.

On the other hand, I would strongly recommend all the parents to utilize this period and well equip themselves, by learning through a few online courses that are meant for parents and teachers to help them deal with various challenges that they face while handling their kids at home or helping them to develop their knowledge and skills.