Aqsa Samuel

Working in eduscan as a special education teacher. I hold a master’s degreein special education, specialized in mental challenged child.Five years experience in special school of handicapped children.14 years teaching experience in montessori school and also have experience of learning sport assistant,i specialize in supporting junior students with special needs. My role involves providing tailoredinterventions to promote their academic and personal development. Through collaboration withstudents, parents, and educators, i strive to create an inclusive and supportive environment whereevery student can thrive. Being a special educator, i am deeply passionate about making a positivedifference in the lives of our students. Whether i am providing individual counseling, conducting one onone therapy sessions, or collaborating with educators to develop personalized learning plans, my goalremains the same: to empower students with the tools and strategies they need to succeedacademically, socially, and emotionally.