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Every child is special and should be able to undergo the experience of attending a school. However, some children struggle in academics at the regular school setting due to certain hidden difficulties. The School of Determination at Eduscan enables all specially--abled students to achieve their very best each day academically, personally and socially. These students are encouraged to embrace their uniqueness and go out into their communities to thrive as independent and valued members of society.

What we do differently

Specifies the structure of support, in student’s areas of need & strength, interventions, and goals.
Individualized Educational Plans
Accommodation and modifications that are tailored to the student’s individual needs.We have designed our classroom layout so that the student ratio is smaller. It enables each child’s need to be met on a daily basis so that they can strengthen their abilities, core skills as they continue to thrive and progress at their own pace.
Specialized in-class support
Confidence and expression building of kids through class activities. We also take them for experiential field trips and exposure visits to connect and experience the outside world in a natural, safe and respectful manner.
Social Skills and Entertainment
Speech therapy for children with speech and communication disorders. Occupational therapy for children with developmental delays. Behavioral therapy for children with unhealthy & self-destructive Physiotherapy for any physical disabilities in children.
Types of therapies
Mathematics and puzzle games enhance cognitive development. To improve language skills kids are given the reading, writing, spelling, comprehension and speaking lessons on a regular basis
Cognitive and linguistic skills
Activities like dance, aerobics, yoga, sports and swimming to enhance the body-mind coordination. Further to enhance the sensory development we give pottery classes, clay work, and arts, crafts and doodling lessons. 
Fine motor and gross motor skills

Levels of SOD

Subjects we offer

Fee structure

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Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

Do you have a child in your class who seems to listen but does not follow instructions? And is always on the move?
Are you confused why are some of the students not behaving the way they should?
Does your child throw tantrums and you do not know how to handle it?
Is your child unable to make friends?
These are all behaviors and any behavior can be changed or modified. The entire science of understanding and modifying the behavior is called Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), popularly also known as ABA therapy. It is the most scientifically driven procedure for behavior modification. Here are some tips to understand and help modification of behaviors.

A1. Each class has between 3-6 children.

A2. The classes are conducted online.

A3. Yes, a child can attend college after completing Grade 12th from Institute of determination.


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