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Eduscan Online Holiday Camp is unique and stands out from the others as it conducts various powerful training that enriches the physical, emotional and mental well-being of the children. Our Virtual/Non-Virtual training supports every individual to continue developing their knowledge and skills whether they are at the comfort of their home or physically present in-class with us. All our Online Holiday Camp trainings are delivered LIVE and are highly engaging and exciting. We assure that learning is fun and has an everlasting impact on the young minds. All the courses are designed and developed under the leadership and guidance of Dr. Alka Kalra, who is a renowned educational psychologist in the UAE. She has a passion to make a difference in an individual's life and ensures that her team is well equipped with the required skill sets and expertise as well as has a similar vision. Hence, the mission of Eduscan's E-Learning platform is to overcome the barriers and empower larger community to build holistic individuals.

Want to develop your child's confidence and leadership qualities?

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A1. Our online holiday camps offer interesting activities to keep students occupied during their holiday breaks. A virtual summer camp is an all-online endeavour where your child will work on challenging projects together with his or her peers from all over the UAE/World during the course for several weeks. It’s a true team-based experience that provides your child a lifetime benefits as well as the unique opportunity to make new friends. A physical meeting place is replaced with an online learning platform where your child can check the materials and track their progress on the project. Communication will be facilitated with e-learning tools.

A1. Our online Summer Camp Training caters the needs of a student right from the age of 4. We divide the children into 4 groups as per their age. Following are the age groups: For Leadership Training- a)4 to 6 yrs- Pre- starters b)7 to 9 yrs- Starters c)10 to 12 yrs –Movers d)13 yrs and above- Flyers & for Progressive Academic Training – a) 4 to 8 yrs- Juniors and b) 8 yrs to 12 years - Seniors.

A3. We will be running 2 batches for our Online Summer Camp this year; 1st batch- 10 am to 1:30 pm and 2nd batch from 2:30 pm to 6 pm. The Camp will run from Sunday to Thursday (5 days in a week).

. Yes, all our courses are certified as we are licensed and registered by CDA (Community Development Authority), KHDA (Knowledge and Human Development Authority) and DED (Dubai Economic Development). We do provide an in house certificate from Eduscan as well as a certificate by KHDA, on request with an extra cost of Aed. 100 + Vat.

A.5. Our online classes are not pre-recorded but delivered via live, online tutoring (also known as E-Learning or Distance Learning) using video conferencing solutions. That means students will be able to receive a customized learning experience via real-time instruction. Since the concept of E-Learning is new to many people, we are making sure that after you book a class, your instructor gets in touch with you to answer all your questions related to distance learning, required tools and schedule your first online class.

A6. Our online training sessions are delivered through our Paid ZOOM Portal, which is FREE and easy to use for parents. If you have any questions, your instructor will guide you prior to the start of the session to help you make the best of your online learning experience.

A.7. Although EDUSCAN Virtual Summer Camp is on screen, we’ll be engaging children with constructive, educational lessons to build new skills and learn positive values, while giving them a chance to be silly and have fun with their friends. We will use the screens just as a mode of communication/give instructions and connect. All learning activities will be hands-on and incredibly interactive. Kids will even be involved in physical activities such as Brain – Gym and Mindfulness Sessions too. Our Virtual Holiday Camp will be a platform for kids to connect, explore, and get excited about summer activities on and off screens.

A.8. In addition to our regular best price guarantee policy, combating Covid – 19, our online classes are further discounted by 15% to 25% compared to the same in-person class. If you’re interested in a class that you might’ve felt was too expensive before, this is your chance to learn the skill for a much lower price with the added convenience of home learning.

We completely understand your concern. Hence, considering the age group (4 to 6 years), the parent is advised to assist the child for a day or two and encourage them to take over online learning independently and get accustomed to the functions of the video conferencing software, ie; ZOOM.

Our online trainers are professionally trained psychologist/teachers. They are trained regularly with updated technology and teaching resources. All our staff members are well versed with the E-learning platform and are supervised regularly by Dr. Alka Kalra, who is a renowned educational psychologist in the UAE and the director and founder of Eduscan.


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