Holiday Camp For Age 4 -16 Yrs

Under the Supervision of Dr Alka Kalra, a Licensed Psychologist , we are offering three course , Leadership Training , Progressive Accademic Training and Skills Development .

Public Speaking

Brain Gym

Creative Thinking


Linguistic Skills


Cognitive Skills


Memory & Concentration

Art and Craft



Ice Skating

Stage Performance


Night Camp

Venues  Are :

1- Bright Riders School, DIP Dubai

2- The Indian Academy, Muhaisnah-4 Dubai

3- The Apple Int. Community School, Karama Dubai

4- ASPAM Indian International School, Al Azra Sharjah

5- Lollipop Nursery, Al Rifa'ah Sharjah / Ajman

6- Eduscan Group, Palace Tower, Silicon Oasis, Dubai

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Want to develop your child's confidence and leadership qualities?
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A1. Our holiday camps offer interesting activities to keep students occupied during their holiday breaks. Holiday camps are endeavors where your child will work on challenging projects together with his or her peers from all over the UAE/World during the course for several weeks. Itā€™s a true team-based experience that provides your child lifetime benefits as well as the unique opportunity to make new friends. Holiday camps are learning platforms where your child can check the materials and track their progress on the project. Communication will be facilitated with learning tools.

A1. Holiday Camp Training caters to the needs of a student right from the age of 4 years. We divide the children into 4 groups as per their age. Following are the age groups: a)4 to 6 yrs- b)7 to 9 yrs- c)10 to 12 yrs d)13 yrs and above

A3. Timings are 9 am to 1 pm. The Camp will run from Monday to Friday 5 days a week, final day function will be on weekend.

Yes, all our courses are certified as we are licensed and registered by CDA (Community Development Authority), KHDA (Knowledge and Human Development Authority), and DED (Dubai Economic Development). We do provide an in-house certificate from Eduscan as well as a certificate by KHDA, on request with an extra cost of AED 100 + Vat.

A.5. All our classes are run as per the weekly timetable. All activities are done as per time table. Please see the weekly timetable above on how we run acan tivities during camps.

A 6. Option 1 - Online through our secured portal, Option 2 - Visit the centre and pay by credit card , Option - 3 Direct deposit in Eduscan Institute Bank Account.

A 7. EDUSCAN Holiday camps, will be engaging children with constructive, educational lessons to build new skills and learn positive values, while giving them a chance to be silly and have fun with their friends. We will use various tools just as a mode of communication/give instructions and connect. All learning activities will be hands-on and incredibly interactive. Kids will even be involved in physical activities such as Brain ā€“ Gym and Mindfulness Sessions too. Our Holiday Camp will be a platform for kids to connect, explore, and get excited about various activities.

A 8. One can chose any number of weeks according to your holidays / school break.

A 9. We have campuses in Dubai, Sharjah & Ajman.

A 10. Our trainers are professionally trained psychologist/teachers. They are trained regularly with updated technology and teaching resources. All our staff members are well versed with the learning platform and are supervised regularly by Dr. Alka Kalra, who is a renowned licensed psychologist in the UAE and the director and founder of Eduscan.


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