Psychometric Assessments

Psychometric Assessments support understanding the individual better. Along with the tests, the psychologist also spends the time to understand more about the individual's family background, structure and history, information about the individual's birth, developmental milestones, medical history, previous assessments administered and previous therapies such as speech or occupational therapy. All these factors have an impact on an individual's personality. They can also help determine an individual's potential for achievement and to identify their strengths and weaknesses. Based on these online assessments, various remedial or supportive actions or programs can be recommended.

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Psycho-Educational Assessment(Includes: WISC, WIAT, YARC (SLD), VSMS)

Psycho-Educational assessments provide comprehensive understanding of the child’s intelligence, a summary of function in common school subjects like reading, math, written language, and oral language and social maturity level.

Career Profiling(Includes: Feeling Minds Protocol)

This psychometric assessment helps the individual understand his personality preference, career interest & values, and skills & abilities. A great tool to choose the right stream and career path for students and professionals.

Behavioral Issues(Includes: DP3/ CBCL, VSMS, Conners Scales for ADHD/Vanderbilt Diagnostic Parent Rating Scale)

This set of assessment include a comprehensive measure of a child’s adaptive and problem behaviours in community and home settings, understanding the level of social maturity and screen the possibility of having issues with attention deficits.

Learning Disabilities(Includes: WISC, WIAT, VSMS, DP3/DST)

These tests measure intelligence, the performance of the individual in areas of academic school work along with his/her development, and social maturity level vis-à-vis his age.

Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder and Autism Spectrum Disorder Assessment(Includes: Conners Scales for ADHD/Vanderbilt Diagnostic Parent Rating Scale, VSMS, CARS/GARS)

These tests help identify and differentiate whether a child has attention deficit disorder or autism spectrum disorder and also understand the social maturity level of the child.

Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder(Includes: VSMS, Conners Scales for ADHD/Vanderbilt Diagnostic Parent Rating Scale)

These tests are to identify if a person has attention deficit disorder using an advanced and reliable executive functioning based ADD check-list.

Autism Spectrum Disorder Assessment(Includes: VSMS, CARS/GARS/ISAA)

These assessments are conducted to understand if a person has autism spectrum disorder. The tests conducted assess the severity of autism spectrum disorder (if any), and the level of social maturity.

Developmental Quotient and Autism Spectrum Disorder Assessment(Includes: DP3/DST, VSMS, GARS/ISAA)

These assessments are conducted to understand if a child has issues due to developmental delays along with autism spectrum disorder. The bundle includes assessments conducted for ASD, developmental delays and also understand the individual’s social maturity level.

Developmental Quotient and Social Quotient Assessment(Includes: WISC, DP3/DST, VSMS)

This bundle of assessment is conducted to understand developmental delays. The bundle includes intelligence test, developmental profile and social maturity scale for children.

Brain Mapping

is a tool to assess an individual’s personality based on Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence Theory. It helps identify strengths and weaknesses. Assessing your personality can help with self-awareness.

A1. If you notice that your child is not happy when he comes back from school, not able to finish his/her work on time and if his/her performance is not age appropriate.

A1. You will have to fix a counselling session with our psychologists. Based on their recommendations, a few assessments will be undertaken. It takes up to 48 hours to generate the report. Once the results are generated, you will be requested to fix up a time for a follow-up appointment.


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