5 April 2019

I am an HR professional from IT and educational institutes background. According to me trustworthy is that eduscan’s trait that appeals to me the most. My family members have immense trust in me and they know they can completely rely on me. As we work with kids at eduscan, I like it when they share their concerns with me. I hope to maintain this bond with kids and their families always


4 April 2019

I have done my masters in Psyhology from Mumbai. The Eduscan trait that resonates with me is ‘trustworthy’. I am the 3 AM friend and my friends can share even those things with me that they cannot share with their parents. I hope my colleagues and students at Eduscan keep the same trust in me throughout.


3 April 2019

I am an accountant by profession and I feel that Eduscan’s trait ‘inspiring’ appeals the most to me. Back in India my team members used to look up to me as the leader they could look upto and share their concerns anytime of the day. I hope and try to inspire my colleagues at Eduscan.

Benita Coelho

2 April 2019

I am a Social Engineer with Masters in Social Work and Mechanical Engineering. ‘Versatile’ and ‘Passionate’ are the Eduscan traits that resonates with my personality the most, as I have professionally taken up two different field, and I have a passion to work with children. I strive for versatility among the teachers and determined children by engaging with them through various interventions that bridges their gaps and helps them to develop the necessary life skills as well as enhance their abilities.

Ali Sadaqqat

1 April 2019

I have been associated with Eduscan since the past 15 years and so it has become an essential part of my life. ‘Trustworthy’ is that personality trait of Eduscan, that appeals me the most. I make it a point to never disappoint my family and friends whenever they need me, and I have been maintaining the same level of trust with my colleagues and all the families associated with Eduscan.