The Magic Of Law Of Attraction

There are multiple laws around us. Some are physics and others, government. Yet, we have an exciting law that is always within our reach: the law of attraction. The law is simple: one can get anything under the sun in their life if they manifest for it.

It’s an amazing science. Whatever the human mind and conceive and believe, it can easily achieve. There are books and movies like ‘The Secret’ based on the law of attraction. Maybe reading and watching these is a good way to introduce yourself to the strength and beauty of this law!

Firstly, listening is a vital skill. Even though our mind tends to believe only what we want to hear due to the confirmation bias, being more alert is vital. If we listen to everything around us, we will be more alert to our surroundings and have greater control.

Having a vision board is an excellent way to have control over our own thoughts and believes. If we want a car, we can get a car. A good way to really make ourselves believe that want it is to be precise with our dreams, get a picture of the model and the colour and have it looking at through your vision board!

Next, perspective is essential. The meaning we attach to something is not external- it’s rather from within. How we interpret our surroundings is essential. A rainy day can be romantic for one while gloomy for another at the same time.

Also, we create the negativity in our life. They are planted by us, and hence can be eliminated by us very easily. In a garden where we plant nothing, we will only have weed and grass, but if we plant a good seed, we may get roses. We need to keep taking to ourselves and telling us that we are good, we are great.

We have an exclusive access to our inner self and positive affirmations can save the day!

Today, at the dawn of the post Covid era- take charge of yourself, heal yourself and experience change like never before!