Redirecting your child into a positive action

From time to time, parents may see that their child behaves inappropriately. You must feel equipped to intervene as you assist your child into eventually understanding and learning how to display appropriate behaviour. This may be achieved through redirecting them into positivity so that they are safe while understanding what is appropriate and inappropriate.

Scenario: Child climbing onto a chair-

You notice that your child has climbed onto a chair. You must intervene at that very moment by saying ‘I know you enjoy climbing, but we do not climb on chairs, we sit on them. Let’s go to the park and find some interesting play structures to climb onto instead.’


 The parent has observed that their child enjoys climbing. The parent did take time to explain to their child that climbing can be enjoyed elsewhere in an appropriate environment and safe manner. Chairs though have a purpose whereby they are not climbed but one may sit on them when required. The child’s interest for climbing has not been eliminated but encouraged further as long as it is done safely and appropriately. The child will then gradually begin to understand what is appropriate and inappropriate. Always remember to redirect your child into a positive action so that you can continue to implement redirection while learning and cherishing the positive outcomes together.

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