Powerful and Effective Parenting – DISC Analysis

Effective and Powerful Parenting needs to be cultivated, practiced and eventually mastered- it can be considered an Art. As parents, you seek, want and crave a perfect relationship with your child. Is that at all possible?  It can become a reality only if you truly understand who your child is.

One needs to accept that standardized parenting strategies are long gone. Those strategies had a tendency to put everyone into the same mould and presto your results would be simply evident, that it really did not matter which type of child you were parenting, as all the norms and strategies were standardized and thus the results would be as well.

Today, in our brilliant times, we have recognized that ‘each child is unique’.  This is where Disc Analysis comes in handy, as it is a powerful and a profoundly simple tool in understanding who your child is through their behaviour.

D= Dominant, I=Influential, S=Steady, C=Compliant

In order to further understand Disc Analysis, one can refer to the following four types of birds including, the Dove, Eagle, Peacock, Owl as this will assist you in better relating to their unique characteristics which in turn will help you in understanding your own child better too.

The Dominant type is seen as an ‘Eagle’– They display the following traits, such as being (direct, bullish, stubborn).

The Influential type is seen as a ‘Peacock’– They display the following traits, such as being (the center of attention, very talkative, fun loving, dancing, singing while surrounded by glamour).

The Steady type is seen as a ‘Dove’– They display the following traits, such as being (very friendly, loving as this child actually prefers living for others as they are giving of themselves rather than thinking about themselves first). You must know that this type of child is one that is the easiest to parent.

The Compliant type is seen as an ‘Owl’– They display the following traits, such as being (methodical, organized, structured as they keep their personal belongings in order).

Now, this is the moment to know who your child is and how they should be treated while keeping all of the above in mind. How does one interact with these personality types? For example: If you are too rigid with a child that displays traits of an ‘Eagle’ you will certainly have a very difficult time, they do not respond well towards rigidity. Towards the child that displays traits as a ‘Dove’, they will respond favorable to your display of emotional sensitivity. For those that display traits as an ‘Owl’ you will need to approach them with logic while interacting and communicating with them.

Hoping this will lead you towards more Powerful and Effective Parenting!

 Leaders are not born but made- Dr. Alka Kalra