No two children are identical

Parents will eventually begin to realize that ‘no two children are identical’. Even though, they may be born into a family with similar genes and grow up with similar values, each child has their own abilities and challenges.

Schools continue to provide the very best as they want to ensure that children continue to excel and succeed.

At Eduscan, we have created a series of tools in order to further support parents and schools in this process, so to ensure that each child can continue to perform to the best of their abilities while reaching their fullest potential on a daily basis.

Certain challenges that children may face, can certainly become transformed into strengths. How can one achieve this? Here is a brief description of this carefully designed process:

 Firstly, one must better understand the child, this can be done through psycho-educational assessments, which support us in understanding the child’s challenges. At times, these challenges can be categorized as either mild, moderate, severe or even profound.

Secondly, there are a variety of tests available that clearly define these challenges right away. Once the challenge has been identified, we then begin to create a plan which will allow us to intervene in the best possible way.

Keep in mind, that the same intervention plan may not work even on two different children, therefore, we need to adapt to their particular needs.

Finally, we continue to monitor the outcomes of these intervention plans in order to ensure that the intervention plan is working or whether it needs to be slightly tweaked to a certain degree or changed so that the child can continue to thrive and transform their abilities and achievements further.

This formula seems to be simpler than one thinks, as it is clearly ‘not rocket science’ but one needs to remember that in today’s incredible scientific era, we certainly have many tools and techniques within our reach.

If you feel, that there is a current need to make a difference and change in your child’s life or school community, be in touch to further explore the various support tools that can be made available to you so that we can all continue to work together in ensuring that our children will receive what they so rightly deserve, that is the best always!