Important Parental Tip 3: Use descriptive phrases

By using descriptive and specific praise will enable you to become more appreciative towards your child, this can make a big difference in your child’s daily interaction as they begin to display more wanted behaviour.  Typically, parents have a tendency to focus on their child’s shortcomings that may or may not be. Instead, it is highly recommended to focus on their positivity so that it will enable the child to become naturally more aware of what is acceptable and unacceptable whether at home or at school.

Scenario #1: The parent had promised their child a biscuit. The parent then became engaged in a long phone call. The child waited patiently for their parent to finish their phone call without interrupting them for the biscuit. Meanwhile, the child became engaged in another activity independently. The parent eventually finished their phone call. The parent needs to realize that they had made a promise to their child.

Outcome: The parent did take the time to notice and observe that their child did not interrupt them during their phone call. The child did manage to wait for the parent to finish their call while choosing to work on another activity independently.  The parent must convey all of this to their child and let their child know that they noticed and truly admire just how beautifully they behaved knowing very well how difficult it may have been to have waited for that biscuit.

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