Important Parental Tip 4 – How to make your child emotionally strong.

In order for your child to become emotionally strong, you must firstly create a caring, nurturing and safe home environment. This will give them a sense of security and responsibility whereby they feel free and know how to deal with their frustrations, anxieties and doubts when they arise.

Once your child has experienced an expressive ‘melt down’ and it has subsided, approach them respectfully and gently ask them ‘What do you think would have made the situation better?’

By approaching your child and asking them this question will give them the opportunity to reflect from within and enable them to perhaps become more aware in knowing how best to deal with an unpleasant situation perhaps the next time it may arise.

Never force your child to hide their inner emotions as it will only lead them onto an unhealthy path of insecurity and self-doubt. Provide them the proper tools so that they can become more resilient and confident especially when it comes to knowing how to handle their own emotions with strength and responsibility.

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