Important Parental Tip 5 : How to teach your child to become more thankful for everything that they have as they learn about Gratitude

Consider creating a gratitude bowl and placing it on your dining table just before you sit down to enjoy your family dinner together. This gratitude bowl, will contain special ingredients, known as gratitude stones. Each family member, will be invited to select one of these stones.  As you select these stones together, think about that one person that you came into contact with that day and that you would like to simply thank.

This practice will not only enable your child to become more expressive within their day-to-day relationships, although it will also further strengthen their abilities as they engage in developing their interpersonal and intrapersonal relationships.

These seeds of gratitude need to be sown one day at a time as this will lead to cultivating a lovely, healthy child along the way too.

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