How to handle challenges during exam time

Exam time can certainly be very challenging for parents and children. Although, supporting your child’s emotional well-being during this time is extremely important, as you continue to maintain a pleasant, fun and effective home environment.

As the pressure starts to build within the home environment, you notice that your child will need to maintain a longer study time table. Try introducing tiny breaks, whereby your child can go out and take a short walk. This will keep them mentally and physically stronger and fit. During their walk outdoors, they can be encouraged to focus on the beautiful nature that surrounds them such as: birds flying, listening to the lovely chirping sounds.

Their study time table should also include something that they just love doing as a one of their hobbies. For example: playing a musical instrument, or listening to music.

By interspersing their study time table with these pleasurable experiences will naturally alleviate the stress build up.  Remember, that it is very unnatural to expect that your child continuously sits for prolonged periods of time at a table.

Consider encouraging ‘Acts of Kindness’ within the home environment and outside of the home environment too. For example: Using courteous language towards the neighbors, offering to make a cup of tea for mommy. This will also enable your child to boost their self-esteem as they notice that they are becoming more generous and kinder towards others as well.

Your child will certainly feel refreshed as they are confident to return back to their study time table after experiencing these meaningful moments together. No doubt that exam time will become a joy rather than a chore the next time around!