Does your child suffer from keeping his focus and concentration?

Does your child suffer from keeping his focus and concentration?
Focus and concentration issues may prevent your child from achieving their potential. Difficulties with attention can affect all aspects of your child’s life. Each child’s attention span varies that are caused by underlying factors and can affect the different life aspects such as school performance, relationships, emotional control, and memory retention. The good news is, there are scientifically-proven effective exercises that will help improve your child’s focus and concentration.
Here are some tips to help improve your child’s focus and concentration:
• Identify the areas your child needs to improve on. Common examples include: listening to what is being taught, completing their homework, and improving organizational skills. Children may improve their concentration when parents are attentive to them. This means that when communicating with your child, you make sure that you talk to them face-to-face and make eye contact.
• Help your child set a goal that needs improvement. The goal should be specific and can easily be identified when these goals are achieved.
• Use reward system. Choose a reward best fit your child when they achieve the goal.
• Teach your child how to keep track of his or her attention.
• A distraction-free environment unless engaged in something they like because children may find it more difficult to screen out distractions. You need to keep the environment where they learn, study or carry out tasks, as distraction-free as possible.
• Ensure that your child has enough sleep at night supported by naps during the day. Establish a bedtime routine. The earlier the bedtime, the easier it is to implement this routine.
• Let them play games that require focus. You can train and strengthen a child’s ability to focus by playing games that require thinking. Playing games that require focus, planning as well as memory games combine fun and concentration.
• Give tasks at a minimum. You may start with a single task at a time. As a parent, allow your child to have time for pleasure and fun helping them to take out the stress off that affects their inability to focus and shorten attention span and concentration.
Choose and decide which best fits your child and be consistent on the task and routine you have to implement. This way, you are helping in a variety of areas of your child’s life.

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