At Eduscan we offer various online and on-campus summer camps, educational camps and holiday camps for kids that provide a variety of fun and learning activities like Public Speaking, Ice Skating, Art & Craft, Brain Gym, Sports and much more. We offer on-site activities at our Dubai and Sharjah campuses. Designed by the world renowned psycologist Dr. Alka Kalra.

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Summer Camp 2021 - Skills DevelopmentIce Skating, Mindfulness, Art & Craft, Brain Gym

Leadership Training focuses on skills to overcome fears & nurture innate talents to develop future leaders

Progressive Academic Training focuses on smart techniques developed by Psychologist to enhance academic skills

Study Skills focuses on reading, writing, spelling, comprehension & mathematical skills to improve academically

Skills Development focuses on fine & gross motor skills to improve body and mind coordination

Express to Impress Focuses on communication skills & 7 habits of success based on book by Sean Covey

Personality Development focuses on higher self esteem, creativity & memory to improve focus &  effectiveness

Physical Development focus on focuses on ice skating techniques to improve body & mind coordination