Mind Mapping

Have you noticed that your child is requiring additional support while either at home or while at school when it comes to the use of their short term or immediate memory abilities?

These memory challenges can especially be detected when your child is unable to retain simple oral instructions and obviously when they are given more complex instructions as well such as:

‘Please take this glass, bring it to the kitchen and bring me a cold bottle of water.’

Your child may either follow the second part or even the first part of the instruction, but will be unable to follow it completely.

It is recommended, that you introduce your child to Mind Mapping; this is a diagram that your child can create which is used to visually organize information whether at home or at school as this is especially useful when organizing themselves with their studies as well.

It can also be used in conjunction to maintaining their diaries as to ensure that each task can be ticked off once they have completed it. The classroom teacher, can also further support the child while introducing a peer group support. The peer helper would also be able to further check and support the child along the way. It is important that the child sits in a comfortable area within the classroom where distractions are kept at bay so that they can continue to fully focus and concentrate on the lesson introduced to them in class.

Try introducing your child to these helpful methods and you will begin to notice that they will be better equipped and will gradually overcome these challenges.

Leaders are not born but made- Dr. Alka Kalra