Brain Mapping

Brain Mapping is a tool that has been designed so that parents can find out more about their child’s personality type, thinking style, learning style also including their knowledge about the following quotients including their IQ, EQ, CQ, PQ. It is also referred to as a dermatoglyphic test. It will reveal more about their multiple intelligences whether they are left brain dominant, right brain dominant or whether they have the potency in every lobe of their brain.

The Brain Mapping tool will also reveal the areas in which the child has the most probability to excel in within their life. It can potentially predict the career path that your child may follow while considering the various areas to focus and concentrate their abilities on for later in life.

Upon receiving a 40-page report, the information that will be shared will highlight where your child is and where they currently stand. It will further give concrete suggestions of how one can continue to improve the various areas of multiple intelligences including intrapersonal and interpersonal skills. Highlighting further cognitive skills, linguistic skills, musical skills wherever and whatever interest and potential that lies ahead within your child today and more importantly how best to fine tune it so that it can certainly become better.

Brain mapping is highly recommended as it is for every child even the very young ones so that parents can continue to understand them more while their parenting skills will become more effective as well.

Do keep in mind, that Brain Mapping can also be used on adults. Some adults may go through life not really knowing who they are while not understanding their full potentials completely. Brain Mapping will reveal this to you so that you can get to know yourself more as you will certainly live a more serene, happy and healthy life as it continues to support your mental health. While adapting to this lifestyle, Brain Mapping can eventually put you on the map too!